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Students launch cleaning company to help refugees into work

By laura collacott, Monday May 15, 2017

Two Bristol University students have launched a social enterprise aimed at helping freshly-arrived refugees into work. Their new cleaning company, Rinsed, hopes to plug a gap in the market for student cleaning, as well as providing domestic services, with specific packages such as the post-party blitz, promising to restore order for £20.

Working with the charity Borderlands Bristol, the company plans to offer refugees regular hours, paid at the Living Wage on fixed term contracts to help them into the job market.

“We realised it was a good job for refugees as new skills can easily be learned and passed on, and it doesn’t require any references, which they often don’t have, ” says co-founder Liora Ingram. “They can interact with customers without it being overwhelming, providing opportunity for practicing English, and the work is suited to being part time and flexible.

“Refugees can face an uphill battle in finding work and acceptance. Our mission is that employment with Rinsed will enable our employees to develop the skills and confidence to take the next steps in pursuing a fulfilling and rewarding career.”

“Ultimately we would love nothing more than for Rinsed to act as a stepping stone into a fulfilling career.”




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