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Entrepreneurs raise £550K for ‘game-changing’ invention

By ellie pipe, Monday Jul 1, 2019

A pair of entrepreneurs have launched what they believe to be a record-breaking fundraising campaign to get their “game-changing” invention off the ground.

Lucas Horne met Pablo Montero when they were both on their first day working at the electrical giant Dyson, where they went on to help bring to market technology that was 40 times better than the firm’s legacy products at the time.

The aeronautical engineer and industrial designer have now founded their own company, Lupe Technology, based in Chipping Sodbury, and have spent the last three and a half years perfecting their new cordless vacuum product.

A Kickstarter campaign to get the Lupe Pure Cordless into production has already raised more than £556,000 since its launch on May 28, making it the most successful vacuum cleaner Kickstarter campaign to date.

The product should be available on the market in December 2019

Speaking about the design, Lucas says: “What’s the point in having a ‘small portable’ cordless vacuum if it barely gets the job done?

“With Lupe, we’re getting the trifecta of cordless vacuums: power, battery life, and functionality, along with developing a unique platform that encourages long term appliance ownership, we believe we have a game-changer.”

Pablo adds: “I think it’s fair to say you could not find two people who know more about vacuum cleaner design as a whole than us.”

The pair say that some 50 per cent of small domestic appliances taken to waste processing in the EU are from vacuum cleaners – partly because companies keep launching new products and so items that still work or are repairable end up in landfill.

Lupe’s ethos is to design products for the long-term and the company promises easy service and upgrading options. Lucas and Pablo are also offering all Kickstarter backers a seven-year warranty, while retail customers will get a two- year warranty (extended to three years on registration).

The Lupe Pure Cordless is available on Kickstarter for the early-bird price of £250, it will retail at £460 and the entrepreneurs expect it to reach the market by December 2019.

The design includes patented ‘suction intensifier’ technology, a long run time and ability to clean all surfaces.

The vacuum is designed to be used on any surfaces

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