Blood, Blackbeard and Buccaneers

Date: Saturday, Apr 13 - Saturday, Oct 26
Venue: The Golden Guinea
Show of Strength

Bristol’s brilliant Show of Strength reprise their acclaimed promenade theatre show, telling “300 years on, the truth about Blackbeard”.

“Extraordinary new revelations about Blackbeard, the world’s most famous pirate, are promised in Show of Strength’s new walking tour of Bristol docks – just in time for the 300th anniversary of his death.

“Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, was born in Bristol in the 1680s.  Probably. Only there are no records to prove it. But new information from Jamaica supports his Bristol origins, and even fills in some of the missing details of his life.

“And those details are remarkable. The real Blackbeard couldn’t have been more different from your average, rum-soaked Treasure Island pirate.  Much of what we do know about him – including his legendary brutality – was probably self-invented. Blackbeard created his own fake news to terrorise his enemies into an early surrender.

“Blackbeard was killed in November 1718 on the orders of Woodes Rogers, the new Governor of the Bahamas, who sailed from Bristol to put an end to piracy. The show includes remarkable new information from Jamaica and tells the truth about pirates and privateers in Bristol.

“By the end of our tour – with stops at a few dockside hostelries along the way – audiences should be able to separate the fact from the fiction.”

Starts at The Golden Guinea in Redcliffe and ends close to the Centre. Duration 120-150 minutes, visiting dockside hostelries and landmarks along the way.

Back for 2019: Apr 13-Oct 26, Sat 3pm & Wed 7pm (Sats only during June, July, Sept & Oct) (no show July 10) (3pm show Sun Sept 22, not Sat 21).

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Photo by Zuleika Henry

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By steve wright, Thursday, Jun 21 2018

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