Snow White

Date: Thursday, Nov 28 2019 - Sunday, Jan 19 2020
Venue: Tobacco Factory Theatres

Tobacco Factory Theatres present an original take on much-loved fairy tale, created with New International Encounter (Beauty and the Beast, Hansel and Gretel), and promising music, magic and fun aplenty.

In a wild and windswept land, far, far away, snow falls on a castle nestled amongst the trees where a cruel Queen is assured by her magic mirror that her beauty surpasses all others.

Until one day, when the mirror proclaims that Snow White, the Queen’s step-daughter, is the fairest in the land. Fleeing the Queen’s rage, Snow White runs deeper into the forest where she finds refuge with a motley crew of characters that accept her as one of their own and show her a different way to live.

This joyful re-telling of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale is about growing up, growing old, growing your own food and why you shouldn’t trust a very shiny red apple.

Nov 28-Jan 19, various times, ages 5+.

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By steve wright, Tuesday, Oct 29 2019

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