Noisy Nativity

Date: Wednesday, Dec 4 2019 - Sunday, Jan 5 2020
Venue: Tobacco Factory Theatres: Spielman Theatre

Bristol’s much-loved Kid Carpet gives the traditional Christmas story a radical remix with big beat songs, live special effects, puppetry and animation. Prepare for the wonkiest Nativity ever!

Kid Carpet is putting on the local Christmas Nativity show, but no one has turned up to audition. Aye Carumba! Never fear, The Noisy Animals are next door at band practice and say they can help out. However, they want total control and have some really BIG demands. What could possibly go wrong…?

A ridiculous Christmas journey of silliness and mischief for the whole family. Will the Christmas story ever be the same again and more importantly, where can we get six million silk tinsel headbands? Will there be room in the Travelodge? And why is there a Golden Eagle in the dressing room?

Dec 4-Jan 5, various times – check link below. £12/under 16s £9. Ages 3+. 50 mins. For more info, visit

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By steve wright, Wednesday, Nov 13 2019

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