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Sisters Are Brewing It For Themselves

Date: Friday, Mar 6
Time: 5:00pm
Venue: Lost and Grounded Brewers

To discuss women`s involvement in the brewing industry, co-founders of Lost and Grounded, New Bristol Brewery and Arbor Ales -Annie Meg and Maria- had team up to reenact their event “Sisters Are Brewing It For Themselves” foreseeing the upcoming International Women`s Day.

On the program: beer chat along with cocktails and pizza degustation accompanied by a musical animation managed by Coco and DJ Baby Danger. A £1 donation to Womankind Bristol association is included for each pint paid. The organisation provides women a professional counselling, group psychotherapy and a helpline service among others.

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Families as well as individuals would be welcome to debate over the challenges and perspectives of women`s involvement in a male dominated industry.

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Pictures courtesy of Lost and Grounded Brewery

By maylis dudouet, Tuesday, Feb 18 2020

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