Pacific Heights

John Schlesinger
Running Time
102 mins

In a twist on the age-old nice-couple-buy-a-haunted-house premise, Melanie Griffith and Matthew Modine move into their swanky San Francisco abode and let out the ground floor apartment to mystery psycho Michael Keaton.  A horror story for home owners, this works overtime to build up sympathy for the not-quite-yuppies. Keaton changes the locks, hammers and saws all night, never pays a cent in rent, lurks sinisterly in the garage and breed cockroaches. Then, in traditional movie style, the good guys fight back…

Keaton is given plenty of scope to demonstrate his versatility as a villain, but a psycho movie about a monster landlord who torments his tenants would have been a far more convincing, credible and worthwhile project.

It’s back on screen in the Watershed’s welcome Hell is Other People season to complement the release of Parasite.

By robin askew, Friday, Jan 17 2020

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