The Cosmic Shed Presents: Tron-fest

Steven Lisberger
Running Time
94 mins

Hacker Jeff Bridges is sucked into cyberspace by a dastardly software pirate. Ground-breaking in its time, Disney’s 1982 Tron now looks horribly dated. The film was also not exactly a box office success. Nonetheless, nearly three decades later Disney decided to ‘reboot’ the concept and deliver Tron: Legacy (pictured), which has exactly the same mix of technical innovation and haphazard storytelling.

Bristol-based podcast The Cosmic Shed presents this screening, followed by a panel discussion exploring the film’s science and legacy in visual FX. Among those taking part is Dr Pete Etchells, who has been researching the short- and long-term behavioural effects of playing video games. All profits go to Special Effect – a charity that helps to get disabled people gaming. Go here for tickets and further information.

By robin askew, Monday, Sep 9 2019

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