Jurassic World

Colin Trevorrow
Running Time
124 mins

This fourth film in Spielberg’s franchise returns to Isla Nublar, site of the original human-gobbling dino rampage in 1994’s Jurassic Park. Twenty-two years on from those unfortunate events, it seems dear old Dickie Attenborough’s dream of establishing a dinosaur theme park has finally come true thanks to – ulp! – a big business conglomerate.

Trouble is, the novelty has begun to wear off and punters require ever more thrills to keep them coming. So icy exec Bryce Dallas Howard sanctions a genetic experiment to create the nastiest, cleverest, toothiest dinosaur that never lived – Indominus Rex. The naughty little fella promptly eats his sibling, so it won’t be long until the screaming, running and bloodshed commences.

By robin askew, Wednesday, Jul 8 2020

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