Don’t Let Go

Jacob Estes
Running Time
104 mins

LA detective David Oyelowo is suitably horrified to discover a grisly murder scene involving his brother and his entire family. He’s then more than a tad surprised to receive a phone call from his dead niece (Storm Reid). How can this be? Well, he quickly surmises that she’s calling from the past, several days before she was done in. If he can work out who killed her, he might be able to help her escape her fate. Trouble is, he has to tread carefully as she has no idea that she’s making calls to the future.

There’s a certain daftness about the Groundhog Day-esque Blumhouse horror/sci-fi/fantasy, but it’s anchored by a typically powerful performance by David Oyelowo.

By robin askew, Tuesday, Sep 24 2019

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