Jerry Zucker
Running Time
126 mins

Randall and Hopkirk Deceased meets Heaven Can Wait in the least expected box office hit of 1990. Patrick Swayze falls for Demi Moore and they move into a spacious New York apartment. Fortunately, Patrick is promptly done in. But he refuses to do the decent thing and simply won’t leave the girl alone. Medium Whoopi Goldberg hams it up while convincing Demi that he’s still around and Patrick haunts her a bit while trying to solve his own murder.

Director Jerry Airplane Zucker packs in a few too many cinematic tricks alongside  some neat special effects in which our hero jumps through tube trains. What really lets the whole thing down, however, is Swayze, who gives new meaning to the concept of stiff acting.

By robin askew, Monday, Dec 30 2019

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