We Are From Jazz

Karen Shakhnazarov
Running Time
89 mins

Young hepcat Konstantin just loves those groovy jazz sounds, daddy-o. But the stern Soviet authorities disapprove, interpreting his beloved tootling as being symbolic of decadent western captialism. Undeterred, our hero joins forces with a pair of street musicans to form a jazz trio, and they hit the road to take their subversive parping from Odessa to Moscow and Leningrad. Released in 1983, We Are from Jazz is a fascinating time capsule from a period when the iron grip of Soviet Union censorship was finally beginning to loosen.

It’s on screen to conclude the Watershed’s January Sunday brunch Melodia! Musicals from Russia and the Caucasus series, which also forms part of the BFI Musicals season.

By robin askew, Wednesday, Dec 11 2019

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