The Lion King

Jon Favreau
Running Time
118 mins

Disney continues to churn out those live-actionifications of its animated hits and audiences continue to lap them up. This time it’s the turn of the 1994 flick with the Elton John choons. Most of those have been reworked for this release, which arrives 25 years almost to the day since the first film came out (never let it be said that Uncle Walt misses an anniversary).

Safe pair of hands Jon Favreau directs in much the same style as his hugely successful motion capture 2016 Jungle Book remake. The cast includes Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) as Simba, Seth Rogan as dim-witted warthog Pumbaa and Chiwetel Ejiofor as the dastardly Scar. Beyonce assumes love interest duties as Nala and, inevitably, contributes to the soundtrack.

By robin askew, Thursday, Jul 11 2019

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