Stormy Weather + Live Jazz

Andrew Stone
Running Time
77 mins

Ignore the feeble romantic plot and somewhat stereotyped characters: this ground-breaking musical is little more than a showcase for some of the greatest African-American performers of its era (the 1940s). These include Bill Robinson, Cab Calloway and his orchestra, Fats Waller, Lena Horne and, in the big tap-dancing finale, the Nicholas brothers.

More importantly, this event marks the grand reopening of what’s left of the historic Knowle Picture House (actually just off Wells Road in Totterdown at 7 Winton Street – round the back of the Patco supermarket). The fleapit was opened in 1913 and demolished in 1961, but the new owner has been refurbishing what remains with cabaret seating and a big screen. Stormy Weather will be introduced by Dave Merrick and Natalie Davis of Small Days, with a brief set of jazz and blues songs from the period. Visit the event’s Facebook Page for more information and ticket details.

By robin askew, Monday, Sep 17 2018

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