Kamal Amrohi
Running Time
147 mins

You can’t have a musicals season without including something from Bollywood. It’s the law. So the BFI have delved back to 1972 for this cult musical melodrama with Meena Kumari as the doomed Sahibjaan, who is born in a graveyard to a dying mother who was once a famed courtesan. Featuring one of the most famous soundtracks in Bollywood history, Pakeezah was written and directed by Kamal Amrohi – a poet and writer who only made four films. How come? Well, this one took 14 years to complete.

It’s back on screen in the BFI musicals season and as part of the Watershed’s December run of hoofing Sunday brunches.

By robin askew, Friday, Nov 22 2019

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