Summer Courtyard Cinema Club: The Lost Boys

Joel Schumacher
Running Time
97 mins

There were two US vampire movies released in 1987. One was a superb reinvention of the genre, brilliantly photographed with terrific performances and a haunting soundtrack (that’ll be Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark). The other was a rubbish Joel Schumacher comic horror featuring a bunch of terrible Brat Packers (Corey Haim – remember him, girls?) and an awful 80s soundtrack.  This anaemic, empty, lazily pop culture-referencing piece of crap represents MTV-inspired film-making at its worst. And, of course, it’s now painfully dated. That said, it might have some camp appeal if you’re in the mood.

Go here for more information about this screening, which is part of The Lanes’ Summer Courtyard Cinema Club held, as the name suggests, in their sunny courtyard.

By robin askew, Wednesday, Apr 26 2017

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