Ready Or Not

Tyler Gillett, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin
Running Time
95 mins

Young bride Samara Weaving thinks she’s hit the jackpot after snaring Mark O’Brien – the moneybags heir to a boardgame empire. But just as they’re about to consummate their union in the family’s sprawling gothic pile, Samara learns of a jolly, venerable wedding night tradition. You know – the one that takes the form of deadly game of hide and seek in which her new in-laws arm themselves to the teeth and hunt her down like a dog.

Andie McDowell (remember her?) gets to play the mother of the groom in this horror comedy from the directing duo using the collective name of Radio Silence, whose previous film was the dismal found footage horror Devil’s Due.

By robin askew, Tuesday, Sep 17 2019

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