Midsommar – director’s cut

Ari Aster
Running Time
147 mins

Ari Aster follows his splendid arthouse crossover horror flick Hereditary by dipping a toe into the modish folk horror genre (y’know, The Wicker Man, Kill List, etc).

The ever-excellent Florence Pugh stars alongside Jack Reynor as an American couple who head off with a brace of pals to – ulp! – a nine-day pagan festival in rural Sweden that takes place once every 90 years. Note that the Curzon is screening the director’s cut, which Ari Aster describes as a “much richer” and “more textured experience, and, perhaps most importantly, gives you the time required to fall even deeper under its harsh psychedelic spell.”

By robin askew, Monday, Jun 17 2019

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