Bristol Bad Film Club: Sleepaway Camp

Robert Hiltzik
Running Time
84 mins

An enjoyable, derivative slice’n’dice outrage from the Golden Age of Slashers (1983), Sleepaway Camp whisks us to Camp Arawak, where the mandatory psycho is on the loose chopping up nubile teens. A gleeful bland of gore, gratuitous nudity, homosexuality and controversial transgender psychopathy, with a big ‘twist’ ending, it spawned several incresingly comedic sequels starring Bruce Springsteen’s sister (no, really). You are just a Google search away from the debate that continues to rage over whether the film is transphobic or transgressive.

Profits from this Bristol Bad Film Club screening go to Travelling Light Theatre Company’s ‘Yes Let’s’ Appeal. Go here for tickets.




By robin askew, Tuesday, Jul 2 2019

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