Zog & The Highway Rat

Max Lang, Daniel Snaddon, Jeroen Jaspaert
Running Time
53 mins

A double-bill of tot-oriented animations adapted from Julia Donaldson‘s popular children’s picture books.

Zog is the story of a keen young dragon who wants to learn how to fly, roar, and breathe fire in his first years at dragon school. He’s desperate to impress his teacher and win a golden star, but he’s accident prone and each year he has to be helped by a kind young girl who patches up his bumps and bruises.

The Highway Rat tells the swashbuckling tale of a greedy rat who craves buns and biscuits. Tearing along the highway, he searches for sugary treats to steal, until his sweet tooth leads him to a sticky end.

The starry voice cast includes Rob Brydon, Frances De La Tour, Sir Lenny Henry and Tracey Ullman.

By robin askew, Tuesday, Mar 10 2020

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