Wonder Park

Robert Iscove, David Feiss, Clare Kilner
Running Time
85 mins

A Nickelodeon animation about a little girl who dreams up a fantastical amusement park and then finds she must save it from falling apart. As usual with these things, the voice casting has been tweaked for different territories, providing gainful employment for local celebs. Everyone gets Jennifer Garner and Matthew Broderick as the nipper’s parents. But only in the UK is the narcoleptic blue bear voiced by Tom Baker (Hurrah!), while Gus the beaver benefits from the tones of Joe Sugg (Erm…).

This one was originally called Amusement Park, with Pixar veteran Dylan Brown at the helm. But he was fired following allegations of “inappropriate conduct” and the project was detoxified with a title change.

By robin askew, Tuesday, Apr 2 2019

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