Kelly Asbury
Running Time
87 mins

Reassuringly, not all animations based on children’s toys are a licence to print money. Written and produced by Robert Rodriguez, this corporate product sets out rather opportunistically to do the uplifting, body-positive, self-acceptance thing while shifting a shitload of merchandise.

Should you be interested, it follows the malformed yet relentlessly happy UglyDolls of Uglyville, who embrace their imperfections, differences and all-round specialness – until they discover the conformist town of Perfection on the other side of the mountain. US reviewers weren’t buying this cynical crap (“…an imbecilic eyesore that could lay claim to being one of the worst movies ever made if it was worth such hyperbole,” reckoned the Hollywood Reporter) and nor were the public, who stayed at home in droves.


By robin askew, Tuesday, Aug 13 2019

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