Stephen Gaghan
Running Time
101 mins

The first of February’s many remakes from creatively bereft Hollywood, this latest screen version of Hugh Lofting’s Doctor Dolittle follows on the heels of those five (count ’em!) dire films made between 1998 and 2009, initially starring Eddie Murphy.

It’s based primarily on 1922’s The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle and has the celebrated beast chinwagger (Robert Downey Jr) embarking on an epic quest to find a cure for an ailing Queen Victoria. Antonio Banderas is cast as a pirate king, while Michael Sheen performs dastardly foe duties. The animals are voiced by the likes of Emma Thompson, Ralph Fiennes, Frances de la Tour and Freddie Mercury (Y’know- Rami Malek). Initially scheduled for release last year, it’s been a troubled production entailing lengthy re-shoots after poor test screenings.

By robin askew, Tuesday, Jan 28 2020


  • Orpheus

    Sat September 26, 2020

    • 10:20 am

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