Ross Venokur
Running Time
85 mins

Poor ol’ Prince Charming (Wilmer Valderrama) finds himself afflicted by a curse that makes him irresistible to women and somehow winds up engaged to a trio of princesses, who are each unaware of his three-timing: Sleeping Beauty (G.E.M.), Cinderella (Ashley Tisdale) and Snow White (Avril Lavigne). But just as we’re hoping for the world’s first bigamy-themed children’s animation, King Charming (Jim Cummings) lays down the law, telling our hunky hero that he must find True Love before his 21st birthday or face banishment.

John Cleese pops up as the voice of both the fairy godmother and the executioner in this decidedly B-grade animation from the director of Get Squirrely.


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By robin askew, Wednesday, Jul 31 2019

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