Tom Hooper
Running Time
110 mins

“Is Cats the creepiest film of the year?” demanded one headline after the trailer was unleashed back in July. If Tom Hooper‘s film version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber stage musical based loosely on T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats proves to be half as entertaining as social media’s collective horror, it’ll be a Christmas must-see.

First off, there’s the sheer creepiness of the faces of its cast (Judi Dench, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson, Taylor Swift, Sir Ian McKellen, etc) digitally superimposed onto cats. Actual cat-sized cats. Then there’s the fact that these uncanny valley lady cats have visible breasts. And why do they appear to be wearing fur coats? Are they, like, wearing other cats? If you’re not too busy shielding Tiddles’ eyes from such abominations and are still interested in seeing the film, you’ll be relieved to know that Mr. Hooper knows his way around a musical, having previously directed that hit, Oscar nominated 2012 film version of Les Misérables.

By robin askew, Monday, Dec 16 2019


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