Big Screen Heroes Take Flight

Sam Byrne, Charles E. Bastien
Running Time
70 mins

Six flying-themed Nick Jr PAW Patrol and Top Wing episodes on the big screen for tots. Here’s the programme in full:

Top Wing – Top Wing Dream Team 
Team Top Wing Cadets must learn to work together to earn their Co-Pilot Badges.

PAW Patrol – Pups Save an Ace
Skye’s favourite stunt pilot, Ace Soarenson, pays a visit but gets into trouble on her way.

Top Wing – The Great Flashwing Rescue
The Cadets rescue Cheep, Chirp and Swift’s Flash-Wing when Baddy McBat takes the jet with the chicks inside it.

Top Wing – Flying Banana Bandits!
The Banana Bandits take Shirley’s delivery fliers and are headed for Commodore’s hot air balloon.

PAW Patrol – Pups Save a Plane
It’s a double daring mid-air rescue as Mayor Goodway’s first flying lesson goes sideways, and the pups make sure everyone lands safely.

Top Wing – Timmy Wings It
When Swift hurts his wing, Timmy Turtle has to help pilot the Flash-Wing to save the day.

By robin askew, Thursday, Sep 12 2019

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