Beauty and the Beast

Bill Condon
Running Time
129 mins

Disney’s total domination of the global box office (Uncle Walt owns the Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar studios these days) continued with this 2017 live-actionification of one of its animated classics.

It’s a musical version, directed by Bill Condon, whose credits include Dreamgirls and those final two Twilight flicks. Emma Watson is cast as Beauty, while Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens gets his beast on as her horny abductor. Luke Evans plays Gaston the hunter. Needless to say, A-listers have been queuing up to join the supporting cast, which includes Ewan McGregor, Kevin Kline, Emma Thompson and Condon’s old chum Ian McKellen, whom he directed in Gods and Monsters and Mr. Holmes.

By robin askew, Sunday, Feb 26 2017

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