Trey Edward Shults
Running Time
136 mins

Unconventional narrative alert! Writer/director/co-editor Trey Edward Shults’s powerful and ambitious follow-up to It Comes at Night is very much a film of two halves centred on a black family living in Florida. The first half introduces high school wrestler Tyler (Kelvin Harrison Jr., from It Comes at Night), who’s driven by his taskmaster father (“We are not afforded the luxury of being average!”), played by Sterling K. Brown.

A tragedy best not disclosed here ensues and Shults’s film abruptly shifts gears from thrilling sensory bombast to a gentle tale of healing and redemption. This is something of a high-wire act for the director and his cast, but is without question boldly original. Go here for our full review.

By robin askew, Friday, Dec 20 2019

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