Drama: Their Finest

Robin Askew, April 13, 2017

Anglophile Danish director Lone Scherfig follows An Education, One Day and The Riot Club with this jolly, sentimental, lightly feminist, crowd-pleasing wartime romcom.

It’s 1940 and all the chaps are off fighting the beastly Nazis, so the Ministry of Information is reduced to hiring women – on a lower rate of pay, obviously – to provide “the slop” (i.e. a female perspective) to its Film Division’s propaganda flicks. Enter talented Gemma Arterton, who’s assigned to work with hunky Sam Clafin on a morale-boosting Dunkirk drama. Trouble is that Sam can’t wrap his head round the idea of working with a lady and . . . oh, you know the rest. Reliable Bill Nighy saves it as a pompous, vain old thesp. The Watershed’s Cinema Rediscovered screening on July 28 will be introduced by the film’s producer Stephen Woolley.


Fri, Jul 28 2017, 16:00
Showing atWatershed

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Director: Lone ScherfigCertificate: 12ARunning time: 117 mins
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