David Fincher
Running Time
122 mins

World-weary detective Morgan Freeman is in his last week on the force when he and his hotshot young replacement Brad Pitt find themselves confronted by a macabre murder in which the victim was forced to eat himself to death. The contrasting duo then reluctantly team up to track down what appears to be serial killer inspired by the seven deadly sins. Director David Fincher avoids glamorising the gore, adopting a disorienting style (hand-held cameras, booming street music, natural lighting) to achieve a far more absorbing result than his previous effort, the dismal Alien 3. In this he’s aided by Andrew Kevin Walker‘s spare, gimmick-free screenplay and powerful performances from both leads. Just like the audience, they’re taken on a grim chase that will leave knuckles white, mouths dry and brows damp with sweat. Sheer bliss.

It’s back on screen in the Everyman’s Saturday late night cult classics season.

By robin askew, Friday, Mar 3 2017

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