Our Time

Carlos Reygadas
Running Time
177 mins

Married couple Juan (director Carlos Reygadas) and Ester (his creative collaborator and real-life wife Natalia López) live on a remote Mexican cattle ranch, where they breed bulls for bullfighting. Delightful, huh? But wait, it’s not all animal cruelty here. Their open marriage is strained to breaking point when Ester starts having it away with a hunky American horse trainer called Phil (Phil Burgers) and Juan struggles to contain his jealousy.

Our Time was filmed on the couple’s own cattle ranch, which prompts questions about just how autobiographical the whole thing is. If you enjoyed the director’s earlier films Post Tenebras Lux and Battle in Heaven, you should feel right at home here. But be warned that reviews have been mixed, with The Guardian dismissing it as “an alluring spectacle – but shallow and self-indulgent”.

By robin askew, Tuesday, Aug 6 2019

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