French Film Festival on Tour: Young Ahmed

Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
Running Time
95 mins

The Belgian realist Dardenne brothers tackle religious fanaticism in this topical drama, for which they won the Best Director gong at Cannes. The eponymous Muslim teenager (newcomer Idir Ben Addi) finds himself in thrall to a militant imam (Othmane Moumen), who drips poison into his head. At school, he refuses to shake the hand of his teacher (Myriem Akheddiou) because she’s a woman. At home, he tells off his white mother (Claire Bodson), in Arabic, for drinking alcohol.

This screening is part of the 2019 French Film Festival on Tour, which always brings an excellent selection of previews.

By robin askew, Friday, Nov 15 2019

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