Afrika Eye 2019: Ruth + intro

António Pinhão Botelho
Running Time
120 mins

Mozambican director António Pinhão Botelho dramatises this little-known true story of sport and politics. Back in 1961, future soccer star Eusébio was a promising young footballer in Maputo when he was kidnapped and taken to Lisbon, where he was given the codename ‘Ruth’. If you’re looknig for footballing action, look elsewhere. “Few people know about this story and in fact this movie has only a small part about football,” the director has said. “There is not a ball kicked, it’s all about the underworld, behind the scenes. But the most important thing in this period, 1960-61, is that it was a terrible year for the fascist regime.”

This Afrika Eye screening will be introduced by Dominik Byrne from the Bristol Link with Beira Project

By robin askew, Friday, Oct 18 2019

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