The Kingmaker

Lauren Greenfield
Running Time
101 mins

No stranger to the worlds of the rich and tasteless, The Queen of Versailles and Generation Wealth director Lauren Greenfield snares the ultimate prize for her latest documentary: Imelda Marcos, former First Lady of the Philippines – she of the legendary shoe collection.

Imelda sure liked to spend – shops, skyscrapers, shoes – so it was handy that hubby Ferdinand was a corrupt, brutal and and murderous despot. Greenfield listens patiently to Imelda’s claims that she was hard done by and misrepresented, before permitting the truth to seep in. She also follows the matriarch’s splendidly named son Bongbong Marcos as he campaigns to become Vice-President post in 2016, potentially bringing the family back to power.

The Watershed’s screening launches the Film Sc♀res season celebrating female composers, which is in turn part of Filmic 20. The Kingmaker‘s score is by Jocelyn Pook, whose credits include The Wife and Eyes Wide Shut.

By robin askew, Friday, Dec 6 2019

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