The Biggest Little Farm

John Chester
Running Time
91 mins

A big hit on the international film festival circuit, this documentary is a treat for anyone who remembers Tom and Barbara Good (ask your parents). Filmmaker John Chester and his wife Molly gave up the rat race in LA and spent ten years establishing an 80 hectare organic farm in the foothills of California’s Ventura County. Drawn from John’s own beautifully shot footage of their attempt to live in harmony with nature, The Biggest Little Farm introduces all kinds of adorable beasts, such as best chums Emma the pig and Greasy the rooster.

Awwww…. But of course you don’t need a vegan to tell you that the destiny of most of these animals is to be scoffed, regardless of the idyllic environment in which they’ve been raised. The Chesters’ venture clearly also cost an absolute shitload of cash, the source of which is never disclosed. Apparently, there’s a benefactor in the background, which is perhaps worth bearing in mind should you feel inspired to follow suit.

By robin askew, Thursday, Nov 14 2019

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