Talking About Trees

Suhaib Gasmelbari
Running Time
93 mins

Veteran Sudanese filmmakers Ibrahim Shadad, Manar Al Hilo, Suleiman Mohamed Ibrahim and Altayeb Mahdi were all educated abroad, their work being heavily influenced by Soviet montage and the French New Wave. But their political stance meant that much of their work was banned or ‘lost’.

Today, Sudan is in the grip of Islamic fundamentalists, which menas that the country’s entire film history and heritage has been lost. So the quartet’s mission to reopen a cinema in the city of Omdourman, just outside of Khartoum, is going to be an uphill struggle. It’s back on screen in the Watershed’s Films That Love the Cinema season, celebrating the ‘shed’s welcome post-lockdown return to action.

By robin askew, Friday, Oct 18 2019

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