The Day Shall Come

Christopher Morris
Running Time
88 mins

Bristol University graduate Chris Morris‘s belated follow-up to his brilliant 2010 Islamist terrorist satire Four Lions (Could he get away with it today? Discuss…) unloads both barrels at the absurdities of the ‘war on terror’ – specifically the FBI’s enthusiasm for entrapment.

“Based on a hundred true crime stories,” it’s centred on black radical Moses (Marchánt Davis), who campaigns against racial disparity and gentrification in Miami. He also has certain, ahem, mental health ishoos, which lead him to believe that both God and Satan speak to him through a duck. For FBI agent Kendra (Anna Kendrick), under pressure to encourage and ensnare potential terrorists, Moses offers an opportunity to hit the career jackpot. Interestingly, the film’s most outlandish and absurd plot twists are the ones based on documented fact.

Chris Morris will be present for a rare Q&A after the Watershed’s 6pm and 8:20pm screenings on Friday 18 October.

By robin askew, Friday, Sep 13 2019

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