Stage Mother

Thom Fitzgerald
Running Time
93 mins

Maybelline (the ever-excellent Jacki Weaver, who was so scary as the matriarch in Animal Kingdom) is a conservative Texan smalltown matriarch who runs the local church choir. After the death of her son, she finds that she’s inherited his drag club in San Francisco and heads off to save it from bankruptcy.

Think you know where this is going? You’re absolutely right, as it sticks to the jolly, camp, uplifting culture clash formula all the way to the closing credits. But that may be all you crave right now. LGBT audiences will be delighted to find that the cast includes Mya Taylor of Tangerine fame. A blonde Lucy Liu also has a supporting role.

By robin askew, Wednesday, Jul 8 2020


  • Orpheus

    Wed August 5, 2020

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    Thu August 6, 2020

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