Slapstick 2020: So This Is Paris

Ernst Lubitsch
Running Time
90 mins

Best known for such sophisticated comedies as Ninotchka and Heaven Can Wait, German-American writer/director Ernst Lubitsch established his reputation in the silent era. Not to be confused with the Universal musical of the same title, this 1926 film stars Monte Blue and Patsy Ruth Miller as a suburban couple. Patsy is suitably scandalised when their new neighbours turn out to be saucy hoofers given to wearing revealing outfits. But when Monte is dispatched to complain about their shameful lack of morality, he finds that one of them is old flame Lilyan Tashman. Complications ensure, as everyone does the Charleston.

This Slapstick Festival screening features live musical accompaniment from Guenter A. Buchwald, Romano Todesco and Frank Bockius.

By robin askew, Friday, Dec 13 2019

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