Good Posture

Dolly Wells
Running Time
91 mins

Director Dolly Wells teams up once again with Doll & Em co-creator Emily Mortimer for her low-key indie comedy-drama feature debut.

Mortimer plays mostly unseen, reclusive famous novelist Julia Price, who’s suitably aghast to find that she must now share her large Brooklyn brownstone with that most familiar of figures: an authentically entitled, bone-idle, self-absorbed brat named Lillian, superbly played by Grace Van Patten, whose aimless bohemian life is bankrolled by absent daddy. (Chuck a rock in Montpelier and you’re certain to hit a Lillian.) Much passive-aggressive fun ensues as this coming-of-age tale works its way through the anticipated plot points.

By robin askew, Friday, Sep 13 2019

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