Rambo: Last Blood

Adrian Grunberg
Running Time
100 mins

Yes, really. Having taken the pugilism thing as far as plausibly possible before handing the baton to the next generation with those Creed movies, Sly Stallone (73) returns to special forces pensioner whupass for his fifth payday as ‘nam vet John Rambo.

There was talk about this on-again, off-again project being some kind of elegiac Unforgiven-style swansong for the character, but the studio opted for low-rent action again with a boilerplate story that’s certain to delight Sly’s old pal Donald Trump. This time our wheezy, leathery hero heads south to Mexico to rescue a hapless hottie who’s been kidnapped by an evil drugs cartel. Despite the title, Sly has said there could indeed be a Rambo 6 if punters flock to this one. Don’t do it, kids!

By robin askew, Tuesday, Sep 10 2019

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