Daughters of Igbo Woman

Date: Saturday Aug 19, 2017 - Thursday Oct 5, 2017
Venue: Various venues
Akachi Ezeigbo, Vida Rawlins, Ros Martin

In the week that marks International Slavery Remembrance Day (Aug 23), Daughters of Igbo Woman at the Georgian House Museum, comprising a trilogy of digital shorts, shot in landscapes of Eastern Nigeria, St Kitts & Nevis and Bristol’s Greenbank Cemetery. The films tell the story of an African woman, Fanny Coker (Fumnanya) (1767-1820), maidservant of the Georgian House, Bristol and her matriarchal lineage.

Writers Akachi Ezeigbo (Nigeria), Vida Rawlins (St Kitts & Nevis) and Ros Martin (Bristol) honour three generations of African women impacted by the transatlantic slave trade in Bristol.

The Georgian House Museum, Aug 19-22, 11am-4pm.
Greenbank Cemetery, Aug 26 & 27: Live artist tribute 3.30 at Greenbank Cemetery Chapel (RSVP)
The Bearpit, St James Barton roundabout, Oct 4 & 5, 5-7pm.

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By steve wright, Wednesday Aug 16, 2017

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