Libita Clayton: Quantum Ghost

Date: Friday, Jul 5 - Sunday, Sep 8
Venue: Spike Island

Spike Island presents this major new commission by Bristol-based artist and Spike Island studio holder Libita Clayton.

Comprising an immersive sound installation, a series of large-scale photograms and a programme of live performances, Quantum Ghost maps a journey through archives and territories related to the artist’s heritage.

Digging deep into personal documents and oral histories, the exhibition unearths the subterranean histories and political undercurrents connecting the mining regions of Namibia and Cornwall. From mined ores and sedimentary rocks to precious metals and rare earths, it examines the raw materials at the core of capitalist extraction, revealing how the echoes of colonialism and diasporic migration reverberate through the deep-time of geology.

July 6-Sept 8, Tue-Sun 12-5pm. Preview July 5, 6-9pm. For more info, visit

Pic: Andy Keate

By steve wright, Thursday, Jun 6 2019

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