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Bridge over troubled water

By bristol247, Thursday Aug 4, 2016

Bristol is to get a new bridge built next to an existing one which would not be able to cope with the increased strain caused by becoming part of the Metrobus network.

The new bridge will run alongside the existing bridge which takes Commercial Road over the Bathurst Basin at the eastern end of Cumberland Road, near the Louisiana pub.

A new 3.5 metre shared cycling and walking path will form part of the new bridge, with the existing bridge becoming one-way and taking traffic travelling towards Redcliffe while the new bridge will take traffic heading towards Cumberland Road.

Work is due to start early this month and finish in April 2017.

Mark Bradshaw, Bristol City Council’s cabinet member for transport, said: “Spike Island is currently poorly served by public transport. Linking this area into the MetroBus network will transform this part of Bristol, making it easier for residents, visitors and employees to travel to and from the area by public transport.

“The new bridge will also create a new link that will benefit cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.”


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