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An obstacle course on two wheels around Bristol

By ella kemp, Monday May 22, 2017

For all its hills, bumps and surprises, Bristol is one of the most renowned cities in the UK for street riding, as this new video from Ben Travis proves:

Boasting extreme focus and great control of the bike, street riding is the trials equivalent of street skateboarding or freestyle BMX.

Street rider Ben shines a light on the city’s best spots in the new three-minute video showcasing his balance, flips, jumps and tricks. His trials took him to lesser explored areas of the city, developing a fondness for spots around the university and in Clifton in particular. For his video, it was important to Ben to find areas that hadn’t necessarily been seen on film before in this way.

Ben is self-taught and his videos are mostly self-filmed, his showcase in Bristol featuring 24 days worth of riding, filming 1-2 shots each day. As well as the filming, a great amount of the video’s final impressive effects were achieved in editing, too.

From Royal Fort Gardens to the harbourside, between bike stands and picnic tables, Ben really does showcase a brand new side to Bristol.

He says that although riding as always been a great source of stress relief, he particularly enjoyed his time in Bristol as the city really reinvigorated his motivation to discover new areas and tricks across an open city and among people with an open mind.

From Yorkshire originally and having lived in Aberdeen for over 10 years, new canvases are key in keeping riding exciting. Although infatuated with Bristol, Ben has his eye on new opportunities – Portsmouth, Cardiff, Portishead and Barcelona are all on the agenda hopefully, but the first stop is Vancouver. Keep your eyes peeled for more videos from Ben on YouTube and Instagram.


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