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Bristol to host Tour of Britain stage

By bristol247, Friday Feb 26, 2016

Bristol will host the penultimate stage of this year’s Tour of Britain cycling race on September 10.

It will be a split stage with riders contesting a nine-mile individual time trial in the morning before a five-lap circuit race of the same route in the afternoon.

Both stages will take place on a circuit starting on the Downs before heading past the zoo, over the Suspension Bridge, down Rownham Hill, along Coronation Road, doubling back on Cumberland Road, onto Hotwell Road and the Portway, before heading up Bridge Valley Road and back to the Downs.

This is the time trial route, with the circuit completing the gap on the Downs:

The city council have paid £175,000 for the honour of hosting the stage, with an estimated £3m to £5m in investment due to return to Bristol on a day which will also host a cycling festival.

“It’s great for the Bristol brand and cycling in the city,” said Bristol Mayor George Ferguson, who campaigned to bring the race to Bristol even before he was mayor. 

He added: “I hope we can all share a sense of pride that the city is now getting a chance to play such an important part in this major national sporting event which reinforces our credentials as a city of sport.”

Watch as the Tour of Britain came to Bristol in 2014:


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