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Where does your membership contribution go?

By hannah cornford, Thursday Aug 29, 2019

Media has changed as content has become largely free to access on the internet. This has been fantastic for opening up a platform to those who may not otherwise be able to access it.

Openness and freedom are what we believe in and we are determined not to put any of our content behind a pay wall. As an independent media organisation we do not operate under a large corporation and we care about the community we operate in.

Members of our business network Studio Giggle made us this short animation to help explain why Bristol24/7 needs its members.

Our platform is there to provide a voice to people from across the city and to support community projects that change people’s lives and help to make Bristol a better place. You can see how we’re doing this here.

Yet the changing landscape means that funding independent journalism and community projects is harder than ever. The support of our members goes directly towards telling people’s stories and supporting projects that make a direct difference to people’s lives in the city.

Collaboration is the key to our approach and our friends across the city offer exclusive perks and experiences to our members to give something back.

For everyone who has joined us so far – thank you. This is a journey and we are at the beginning, so we are learning. For those who are still on the fence, why not try it for a month – it’s just £5 and you can cancel any time.

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