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By bristol247, Thursday Mar 28, 2019

Bristol24/7 is proud to be a community interest company that reinvests any profit that we do make back into our journalism and our social impact projects as part of our Better Bristol initiative.

Put together by a small team of full-time and freelance staff, our work to create opportunities for young aspiring journalists in Bristol was recognised last year at Bristol City Council’s Employment, Skills & Learning Awards where we were presented with an award for our work experience programme.

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Just two examples of the success of our work experience programme are that of Osob Elmi, who after work experience at Bristol24/7 was inspired to study journalism at the University of Gloucester and is now a journalism trainee at BBC News. Meena Alexander was offered a job as Editorial Assistant at Bristol24/7 after completing a week’s work experience with us. Following this first foray into the world of journalism, she got a job as a digital sub-editor at The Times and is currently a writer and sub-editor at Stylist magazine.

We also work closely with the content creators of the future. Boomsatsuma are dedicating a whole term for their filmmaking students to make films about different issues around Bristol for us as part of Better Bristol. Our Editor Martin Booth also regularly gives up his time to talk at schools, colleges and universities, making magazines for example with some of the youngest pupils at St George Primary School on Brandon Hill, and giving real-world briefs and professional feedback to photography students at City of Bristol College.

As Bristol24/7 is not owned by a multinational corporation, our journalism is editorially independent. We are free from commercial bias, we set our own agenda and are not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders.

One place where our independence shines through is on our opinion pages, where people from across Bristol are free to talk about issues that directly affect them, from air quality to gentrification.

One of our columnists, Ngaio Anyia, was recently named as a winner of the British Council’s first International Bursaries for Bloggers. Ngaio will visit Lagos Theatre Festival this month and interview artists to explore contemporary African culture with a particular focus on performance, music, fashion, tradition, politics, race and gender.

Because the success of our journalism is not measured by clicks or page views, we are free to write about a wide variety of issues, spending time in communities like Hartcliffe in order to really tell the story of the people who live and work there. Read our New Editor Ellie Pipe’s feature on pages 22 and 23.

Bristol24/7’s journalism can now be found in digital, in print and in a brand new podcast. Our independence means we can tenaciously pursue a story and we are dedicated to holding power to account and to reporting the truth.

We also always want to hear your thoughts on our journalism, on events in Bristol and your own personal stories. Our independent journalism would not be possible without your support.

Help support independent journalism in Bristol: Become a Supporter Member of Bristol24/7 today

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