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World Mental Health Day: ‘walk the talk’ at Bristol’s harbourside

By clare toner, Monday Oct 9, 2017

People in Bristol are invited to lace up their shoes and ‘walk the talk’ to mark World Mental Health Day.

Local charity, Milestones Trust, has organised the event taking place on the harbourside on Tuesday, October 10 from 11am as an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas about mental well-being, while partaking in some low key exercise.

In light of the fact that one in four people will be afflicted with a mental health issue at some stage in their lifetime, the charity is looking to promote the positive results of regular walking to emphasise the importance of both mental and physical wellness.

Tony Swanborough, mental health area manager at Milestones Trust, says: “”The effects of walking on one’s state of mind is profound. It helps release endorphins which perk up the mind and create a feeling of contentment. It also helps reduce the body’s feelings associated with stress and worry.

“Walking with a group is particularly good as it helps overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness and it provides a safe forum to share thoughts and experiences.

“One in four of us will suffer from a mental health difficulty in our lives. Mental health is something we all need to be aware of and look after, in the same way we need to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

“Walking is a free, easily accessible activity which has a positive effect on our mood, quality of sleep and has even been proved to help improve reasoning and intellectual performance.”

Milestones Trust has organised the event to promote the many benefits of walking


While the main focus is on mental well-being, there’s no denying the additional benefits that walking has on physical health.

The charity states that frequent walks reduce the risk of developing type two diabetes by as much as 60 per cent and diminish the likelihood of contracting womb, colon or breast cancer by 20 per cent.

Studies have also demonstrated that memory is better preserved and brain shrinkage is less likely for older people who walk six miles a week or more.

The walk starts at 11am outside the entrance to M Shed and finishes at 12:30pm, with a chance to enjoy refreshments and mingle after the walk. All are welcome to join.


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