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TAP for Bristol raises thousands of pounds to support the city’s homeless

By chloe daly, Friday Dec 20, 2019

TAP for Bristol is the UK’s first contactless donation system to raise money for homelessness prevention services, as well as directly supporting people who are currently homeless.

Now in 20 locations around Bristol, the initiative raises £150 per day to support homeless people and has raised £6,600 in total since its launch in September 2019.


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Making a donation is simple, one tap using your contactless credit or debit card donates £3 directly and securely to those who need it. TAP for Bristol is believed to be the fastest growing donation system of any city.

Focused around the city centre, donation points can be found in the windows of businesses, offices and cafes. The scheme is being delivered by Bristol City Centre Business Improvement District (BID) in partnership with Caring in Bristol and Quartet Community Foundation.

TAP for Bristol is an initiative from Bristol City Centre BID, in partnership with Caring in Bristol and Quartet Community Foundation.

Businesses with a donation point now include No1 Harbourside, three Tesco branches in the city centre  Small Street Espresso, Brew Dog and the Volunteer Tavern.

“Thanks to the generosity of the people of Bristol, who have really embraced the new TAP for Bristol contactless donation points, we are on track to hit the fundraising target,” says Ben Richardson, director of Caring in Bristol.

“This will mean that as well as your donation helping people to move to a life away from the streets, it will also help others ever having to be on the streets in the first place.”

TAP for Bristol aims to raise £10,000 by the start of 2020. The funds will be divided equally between Caring in Bristol and local front line services, facilitated by the Quartet Community Foundation who are managing, monitoring and evaluating all donations.

There are 20 donation points across the city

While Caring in Bristol will focus the funds into new homeless prevention services, Quartet wants local charities, organisations and community groups to apply directly for the funding. This funding should be applied for on behalf of named individuals, to support them while they move away from the streets, into a safer and more stable life.

“It is no surprise to me that our city has embraced TAP for Bristol with such a positive and generous spirit,” says Keith Rundle, operations director at Bristol City Centre BID.

“People now have a choice. These days lots of us don’t carry cash, and many have concerns about giving money directly to people on the street. TAP for Bristol offers a simple choice to donate, safe in the knowledge that every penny will be used to tackle homelessness.”

Find out how to get involved at

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